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Heat List – Workout One
Heat List – Workout Two

My reasoning for the workouts…

So, the workouts for the Invitational have been discussed and fretted over for about a day now, so it may interest some of you to know how we came up with the workouts that lay before you.

The basic premise of the Invitational is a competition that we can open up to anyone who wants to give it a shot. So, with that in mind, you have to rule out a number of exercises, i.e. those that are difficult/impossible to scale like Muscle Ups and Handstand Push Ups. If I was programming a European Qualifier, and we were looking for the absolute best CrossFitter, it’d be worthwhile putting them in. But not for an Invitational competition, where we’d like people to give it a shot, we need movements people can do.

Also, it’s a competition, so we want to include workouts or exercises that will separate people. So it’s important that something in there is either heavy or technically quite challenging.

With three workouts, you want to try test as many domains as possible, and also you’ve to take into account the logistics of time, space and equipment.

With all that in mind, we started thinking of the workouts we’d like to include, and what movements. I think you couldn’t have a CrossFit comp without pull ups, so they had to be in. The Overhead Squat is a movement that can cut people in half, and I’ve always been very public in that it shows up athletic deficiencies very quickly. When I wrote down all the movements we could do, and have done, and I figured wall balls would be a good one for us.

The discussions surrounding this workout was to do with reps, weight, and just how challenging it should be. Right up until we posted the workouts this morning we were decided whether the OHS should be heavier, more of them, less of them etc. In the end this is a moderate intensity/weight workout, which if you’re good at OHS shouldn’t overly tax you. But as Ruairi and Bobby pointed out, you’ll need to get them done unbroken. The Wall Balls will pose more of a problem, with the accuracy and range of motion standards.

The Clean & Jerk was originally a 1RM test, and this was going to be our one that was heavily biased towards the stronger athlete. However, logistically it was just a nightmare to try and give people a prep area, three attempts, and so forth. But we still wanted an overall strength test, so an AMRAP 3 at 75Kg was determined.

I’m not a fan of chippers, and probably even less so in competition. Perhaps it’s my bias towards power and short heavy metcons, or the fact that I just feel horrible and useless all the way through them, but originally I wouldn’t have planned for a longish workout. Also, logistics. (I think I’ve successfully overused that word by now.)

But, the point was made that it’s an important component of skill, and so the challenge became sorting out a grinder that we could do with limited equipment and a large amount of people. So after a lot of playing around we came up with the current 5 rounder.

Clapping push ups are in there as a new exercise, and to add a bit of spice to just regular push ups. It’s not a movement we program often, if at all, so it’s good to test out CrossFit Ireland’s adaptability to new challenges.

Double Unders are kinda thrown in there to teach anyone a lesson who didn’t learn them from the first Invitational.

After the heinous WoD that was a 200m Overhead Lunge a few weeks back, it seemed like this was a good one to add in. Box Jumps had been done, and so many other things required equipment or the movement standards were hard to dial in.

I was quite nervous as the workouts were published this morning, to see what the reaction was like. Luckily, so far it’s been positive from both inside and outside CFI. It’s good that we can’t pick a definite winner amongst the top athletes of CFI as that shows we’ve hit a broad variety of weaknesses and strengths in all the athletes.

The arena is set, the gladiators are ready. Fate will be revealed soon.

(Or, best of luck, I’m proud of all you guys)