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Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds of:
8 Dumbbell Squat Cleans (20Kg/12.5Kg)
50 foot Sled Push (+60Kg/+20Kg)

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i8 Strategy Guide – Colm

  • Scale appropriately! You’re going to die a death if you bite off more than you can chew. A quick rule of thumb is if you are debating between two scales pick the lighter one.
  • Keep moving forward! Each round counts directly against everyone else’s rounds, so every time you start a new round, the clock is reset. Remember this as most of the rounds are short (1-3 minutes tops really) so seconds are going to make a difference.
  • Reps count too! If you get into the 5th round but don’t finish you’ll score more than someone who didn’t get into the 5th round. But if it looks like you’re not going to make the 5th round, keep repping it out. Each rep is going to bring you further up the leader board.
  • Be positive! Going into a workout thinking ‘this will suck’ is not the way to go! Meeting the challenge head on will bring you a lot further on.
  • Talk to your coach! We want to help you get the best, and do your best on the day. If you’re unsure about how to approach a workout, talk to us before the workout. The sooner you settle on what weight you’re going to do, how you’re going to break up reps, and how quickly you get back moving will help immensely. Granted, your plan may go out the window once the adrenaline of competition begins, but you’ll be much better prepared (mentally at least) with a plan.
  • Breathing, it helps! Most exercises, bar the HSPU and Pull Ups, will come down to gas/energy rather than muscle failure. What that means is you’re generally capable of doing another few reps quite quickly. When you put the bar down/rest, take between 3 and 7 breaths and then go again. By the time you’ve taken 3 deep breaths, 10 plus seconds have passed. In a Round Vs Round scoring system, this counts a lot.
  • Workout one is going to trip you up. If you normally hit fatigue on HandStand Push Ups in metcon do your best to stay away from failure on any rep. The wait of 20-30 seconds is worth not missing a rep. You’ll make up time on the burpees,so push on them but not to the extent that you can’t look at a bar. The OHS will be tough after the shoulder-tastic nature of the previous two exercises. Make sure you get a good set up and sit down into the reps. Guarantee your first few before worrying about speed. This will most likely be your longest workout, and most likely to hear the dreaded ‘no rep‘ on it. This workout is up first because it will have a low impact on the other workouts, whereas had the others come first, they’d impact severely on this.
  • Workout two is a gasser. Look back to this post on prepping properly for workouts, this is exactly what we’re describing. It might be hard to warm up in your own time given the tight schedule i8 will run on, so as soon as you can move into your spot and start warming up. You should have already hit a good number of push presses with an empty bar to get the groove. A good warm up strategy would be to alternate 5-7 push presses with 3-5 pull ups for 3 rounds at a comfortable pace at your metcon weight 2 minutes before go time. Drink your water, breathe deeply, and hit it. Yes, you’ll feel out of breath. No, it’s not getting heavier. Before you know it, the workout will be over.
  • Workout Three – Grip the sled between halfway and two thirds of the way up. Brace yourself and push. Once you have the sled moving keep pumping your legs. Each mat will have a different level of resistance to it so be prepared for changes in speed of your sled. Once it’s moving you’re making time! On the Dumbbells (stoopid) the tendency is to round back them off the floor. This is going to wreak havoc on your sled pushes. The extra millisecond it takes to set up properly won’t kill your score. This event is really going to come down to how long you take between efforts and how quickly you can start moving again. Without knowing it, you’ll start resting for upwards of 30 seconds before you pick the dumbbells up again and start pushing that sled.
  • Eat, Stretch, Foam Roll. Eat as soon as you can after the first and second workouts so you’re refueled well ahead of your next effort. The more time you spend stretching and foam rolling, the better you’ll feel and the better you’ll be able to perform. After the final event, don’t just sit down. Foam roll and stretch some more. The couch stretch should be done. Grab someone else from your heat and cool down properly together. Stretch and foam roll on Sunday as well.
  • Drink water, lots of water. Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day, after the event, and on Sunday/Monday as well.
  • Have fun! Competition is fun and a great learning/growing experience. Keep this in mind when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.