Workout of the Day:
Strength – Your Choice

Row 500m x 3

Rest as necessary between efforts. Compare to August 11th

Garvan almost looks too happy to be mid workout

A Note to the Average Woman – Justin Lascek
What is a Beautiful Female Body? – Cassandra Forsythe

Success Journals….

Success Journals

We believe that you are in charge of your own success here, that everyone can achieve incredible feats and amaze themselves. Because of this we have designed The CrossFit Ireland Success Journal.

A success journal, used correctly will make your time here alot more successful. If you do not know exactly where you start from then it is just too hard to see how much progress you are making. The people that make the fastest progress here have a comprehensive training journal outlining their lifts and metcon times, this is not a coincidence. Having this information on a busy tuesday evening class makes it alot easier for you to gauge what you should be doing for strength work and scalings as opposed to what you feel you should be doing. If you are a beginner these numbers are crucial.

We have invested alot in making this as close to perfect as we can, finding a balance between the information you really need and making it usable and not too cumbersome. One key area we wanted to get right was making i as easy as possible for you to see the connection between how you fuel yourself and the affect on your metcon. The journal contains a quick reference for paleo and zone, a list of benchmark wod’s, gymnastic movements and goal setting.

One of the best things about a success journal is the motivation it can bring to you. If you do not believe me and have been here more than two months please have a look at the first page of the journal you are currently using and look at the numbers written down and compare it to what you could do now. One other point on the success journal is that you need to know these numbers, if you do not know them then how do you know if today was a PR (Personal Record) day?

Available now from CFI.

Crossfit Ireland Members €15
Non-Members €20