Shoulder Press

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Weighted Press, Part I, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

What attracted you to CrossFit? What made you stay?

Ed’s response posted on our Facebook page

Not sure, I drifted into it over the course of a few months. I can’t even remember my first WOD because I didn’t start timing the workouts until less than two months ago, so I wasn’t pushing as hard as I probably should have up until then. The first WOD that had a profound impact on me was a cindy. I was lying on the floor after a hungover ten rounds and 20 minutes with strange little coloured things moving before my eyes, a stink of acetone from my clothing, pins and needles in my brain, an ungodly fire in my lungs and a strange ringing noise in my ears.
It was a moment of beautiful serenity so I figured the harder I pushed it, the better it’d feel to be finished. The side effects come in handy if I need to deadlift some equipment/flatmates out of my way or turkish getup if I fall back whilst holding a pint.

The reason I’m staying is that it’s fun and that the combination of zone/paleio eating and crossfit have instilled a sense of dicipline that was hitherto absent from my daily life. There’s also a kind of cultish/movement aspect to the system that involves people quietly putting themselves through a dose of humility in the space between the smith machine and the guy doing curls in front of the mirror in gyms the world over. Also it’s good to know that every time I go to the gym for a metcon it’ll be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, until the next one, which will be twice as hard!

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