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Checking In

Joe Blogs?…

I think we all remember taking attendance during our school days, it was just part of the daily routine.
Here at The School of Fitness it’s no different. Before the start if every class you should make your way over to the kiosk and sign yourself in.

This lets us know you’re were here, but more importantly gives you an accurate reflection of your attendance to look back on. Did you make all your classes this month? Did you improve your attendance last month?

You’ll only be able to know this information if you are booking and signing into your classes.
If the Kiosk is frozen or you have any difficulty signing in please let the coach on duty know.

Hours T-Shirts

If you’ve looked around our walls at all you’ve noticed the Consistency Board.
This is our way of rewarding our clients consistency and recognising those hard working individuals who bust their butts to get here three to five times per week.

The awards (really cool t-shirts) are presented to those who complete one of the following: 75 check ins(in 6 months), 150 check ins (in 12 months) and the impressive 200 check ins(in 12 months).

These awards are based on our attendance logs so to avoid missing out on our cool t-shirts( did I mention they are really cool?) ensure you are checking yourself in at the start of each class.

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