What Happens in Class

No two CrossFit classes are identical. But while we cover a lot of different movements in each class there is a lot of similarity in our class structure.

Each class will last one hour. We recommend that you be at least 5 minutes early for class. You can use this time to do some soft tissue work, spending time foam rolling or on the lacrosse ball. Check out our foam rolling sequence here.

The Warm Up

The warm up makes up the first ten minutes of each class. The purpose of the warm up is to elevate the body temperature and heart rate, bring the joints through a full range of movement and prepare the whole body for rigorous training.

We have recently introduced a warm up which includes some gymnastics movements, such as pull ups, dips, toes to bar, handstands etc.
This provides an opportunity to practice basic and more advanced gymnastics movements(outside of a met-con situation). These movements are paired with stretching and mobility drills you find in our normal warm ups.


Once we are warmed up, we will move onto the skill section of the class. This can range from 15-30minutes depending on the activity.
We spend this portion of the class on building skills, strength training, using lifts such as the Squat and Deadlift and work on the olympic lifts (Snatch & Clean and Jerk) make up the majority of our program.


Last but certainly not least is the conditioning portion of the class. These are mostly high intensity workouts comprised of a variety of movements, from running and rowing to weightlifting and gymnastics movements. We tend to keep these workouts below 15 minutes in duration, one because it is very hard to maintain intensity for longer than 15 minutes, and secondly to avoid muscle soreness and overuse.

We publish our weekly programming on Sunday. The workouts are posted daily to the workout blog on our website. Here you will find details of what we will be working on each day along with instructional videos of the movements. It is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with the workout and movements you are going to cover to avoid any confusion.

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