Using Your CrossFit Ireland Classes

Using your CrossFit Ireland Classes

There is a class cap in CrossFit Ireland. This is in place to make sure that you receive all the personal attention and individual coaching that you deserve when you are here. Our mission is to deliver a world-class service to you, and making sure that your class is never over-crowded is a key part of that.

1) Reserving a class

You must pre-book all classes using Zenplanner ( This can be done using any computer, smartphone or tabliet. You can book classes up to 8 days in advance.

2) Checking in

When you arrive for your class, check in at the computer on the gym floor. Your Zenplanner attendance record helps both you and your primary coach track your training progress.

Also, we award t-shirts to members that successfully complete landmark numbers of check-ins in given time periods. If your check-ins are not recorded, you won’t get your t-shirt. This would be a shame, as they are really nice t-shirts.

3) Changing/canceling a reservation

You can move or cancel a reservation with up to 1 hour’s notice. This is done from within the Zenplanner calender. Once the 1 hour cancellation window has passed, the session has to be treated as used regardless of whether you attend or not, as there is not enough time for another student to use your spot after that point.

We recognise that sometimes it isn’t your fault you miss a session, but this is the only way to be fair to everyone.

The cancellation policy applies whether the class in question is fully booked or not.

4) Waiting List

We have a waiting list feature for fully booked classes. If you are on the waiting list for a class you will receive an automated notification via email if a spot becomes available.

Please keep an eye on this, as if you are assigned a waiting list spot and you don’t attend it, that session has to be treated as used.

5) Unable to attend

If you are unable to attend training due to being physically absent for an extended period of time (holidays, work trips etc), you can make up the sessions you’ve missed when you return.

One week’s advanced notice is required to do this. Just email your primary coach with the dates you will be absent and you can arrange to book in the missed sessions.

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