Keys to Success: Journaling, Nutrition & Ownership


Bring a journal with you to class. As time goes by the journal becomes an ever increasingly important training tool. What do you squat? What’s your “Baseline” time? With what band? Knowing this makes your training time much more productive and rewarding.

Trust us, we’re obsessed about this stuff and even we can’t remember every number without the aid of our training journal.

Another really great benefit of the training journal is when you look back in a month, six months or a year and see just how far you’ve come and realise all you’ve accomplished.


Changes in your fitness (speed, strength, stamina, flexibility) are a result of the work you put in with us here at CrossFit Ireland. Changes in your body composition (lose fat, get toned, build muscle) will come about as a result of your eating habits.

Are you fuelling your body to make headway with your goals? We get that nutrition is tricky and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. The simple advise we can give you is to eat at least three meals a day, make sure each meal contains some protein and some fruit or vegetables. If you only follow this, you’ll see pretty dramatic changes in your physique.


At the end of the day, this is your journey, and your life. It’s important you take full ownership of your progress and the results you get out of the program.

Taking ownership of your progress can be pretty scary. There’s no one to blame. Yet it can be liberating and empowering too. You can decide how you fuel your body. You can decide that making the commute to training is a better use of your time than the easier choice of watching a re-run of Friends.

These keys are simple, but they may take a it of work to become ingrained as habits. You’ve already made the commitment to a healthier you through CrossFit, follow these steps and you’ll be amazed at the positive impact it will have.


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