Keys to Success: Consistency, Communication & Attitude

You’ve started your journey with CrossFit Ireland. Whether your goal is to drop fat, gain muscle, just learn a new sport or be the next world champion, here are the fundamental keys to your success. If you bear these in mind your time with us is going to be a lot more enjoyable and you’ll reach your goals faster. It’s worth noting that a lot of these keys can be applied to any endeavour in your life.


Nothing great was ever accomplished in a day. No one gets fit in just one class, instead your success is built on a number of pieces. We’re going to take it as a given that you’ll show up a minimum of three times a week for six months. This will make your health and fitness a habit.

Tired? Stressed? Sore? Show up anyway. You don’t have to set the world alight. Just coming down and moving around for a little bit might be your victory for the day. As coaches, sometimes in our training sessions it’s just about making it through the day. These days add up, and lead to results.


We’ve a favour to ask here. If you have something that’s impacting your training, or you feel we should know, can you please let us know?

If you’ve a question about a movement, or the workout, please just ask a coach on duty.

Will you inform us if something hurts? Niggles and injuries are actually very easy to train around while they’re healing and they won’t stop you from making progress. The key here is letting us know so we can program and coach you as best we can.


We believe that you can learn something new everyday. In fact, we regularly look back on what we did and think “What the hell!?” because we’ve learnt a better way to do things.

Bring an open mind and attitude of learning to every class you’re in. We try and talk to you as little possible in class so when we do have something to say, it really is for your benefit. If you’re focused on learning and moving better when you’re here. As one of our clients recently said “CrossFit has taught me new goals, i.e I’m not so focused on weight but now my goals are to get Xkg’s on my snatch etc. My weight and general well being looks after itself as a result.”

Action: Focus on learning and moving better, and everything else tends to take care of itself.

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