How To Make The Best Out of Every Class

The very first tip we are going to give you here is to leave all of your distractions, including your ego, behind you when you are walking through the doors. If you are thinking about work, bills, what to have for dinner or one of the many other distractions you have then you are really missing out on the entire experience. It will be there when you finish and the time away from it can be a very welcome headspace. This is crucially important during of times of pressure and stress.

Next we want you to set your intention. Depending on how far along you are this may mean different things to you so here is a great starting point.

For the next 60 minutes I am going to work on doing every movement as well as I can. My focus is on the movement and how the movement feels.

Right in the moment what can you feel happening and what are you aware of? This kind of focus will help keep you safe and make your time here so much more productive.

Leave your personal belongings in the two places we need you to leave them so your coaches can focus on teaching you and you do not lose that watch, ring, bag, shoe, umbrella etc etc. The two places are the cubby holes by the roller shutter and upstairs in the changing rooms. Calling us and asking us to search a 3,500 square feet premises for a piece of jewelry that you might of left here is unfair and an easily avoidable situation.

Listen. This one is pretty self explanatory and some common decency and manners go a long way here. However here are the big points. There is a HUGE difference between asking a question to get further clarification and asking a question because you were not listening. Please listen to the coaching we are giving you.

Our team have worked damn hard to be in a position to coach here and are looking to help you out. If you do not listen to us we cannot help you. If ANYTHING is unclear then ask us.

Special notes:

**Very very rarely in a class there will be a person asking a questions that have already been covered by a coach. Again very rarely this is also the person that paid absolutely no attention when the coach or coaches were explaining things. For whatever selfish reason they are talking, texting, flirting with somebody else and are now taking time away from everybody else. These are affectionately known as high maintenance drama queens. Do not be this person.

So in summary:

Forget about everything but your investment in your health, fitness and well-being.
Set your intention for the session.
Leave your belonging where they belong
Listen to your coaches and their advice
Donn’t be a selfish ass

When we all follow these pretty simple steps you have a really positive affect on the people around you and your experience. Our coaches can spend much more time coaching you and investing time and energy in what we are here to do. On top of that having a really attentive and focused bunch of people gives the people around you so much more energy and enthuasiasm, this includes your team of coaches.

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