Are You Insane?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

One of the toughest parts of what we do is making this point to people in a polite and mannerly fashion. It really can be tough to explain to somebody that continuing to do what you have been doing for a long time is going to produce an almost identical result. So in an effort to help you out with this I am going to share that nugget with you one more time.

I was guilty of this for a long time and came up with a never ending list of reasons and idea’s as to why I wasn’t getting a different outcome from my efforts. What dawned on me was that while it may of appeared that I was changing my inputs, I really wasn’t. I was doing the same stuff, in a few different guises, and surprise surprise I was getting the same result. Whilst it took me a long long time to accept this and ultimately the responsibility for my outcomes and where I was finishing I finally did it. Mostly because when I really explored it in my own head I was pretty shocked at my own arrogance… “I know I’m not doing what I need to do but I still deserve the outcome…”

Once I started to implement changes I got a very different results. This lesson that my stubborn brain ignored for a long time has stuck with me and I use on almost all my new projects.

Here is an example of the things I used to do over and over again:

  • Breakfast……. Muffin and a coffee if I wasn’t too “busy”
  • I slept maybe 6 hours per night often hungover
  • If I ate vegetables it was because they were in the burger I was eating
  • I drank alcohol 3 nights per week on average
  • I exercised intermittently without any real plan or goal

Here is a picture of what I look like:

Tom before

Here is a sentence that summarises what I felt like: “I’m tired, I ache and I’m really not all that happy”

In this picture taken about 90 days later here are the things I did over and over again

  • Breakfast was a meal that supported my goals
  • I slept 8 hours per night
  • I ate vegetables at almost every meal
  • I drank 6 bottles of beer one night per week
  • I trained with purpose and had performance goals

Here is a pic of what I looked like:

Tom after

Here is a summary of what I felt like “I’m making decisions on my terms that are really making me look and feel better, I’m much more in control of the outcome”

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