I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday on a beautiful BMW GS1200 motorbike, a wonderful way to spend any day and something I wish I could do more often. Riding a motorbike or having an interest in them can be difficult to explain to alot of people. Why would you put yourself at risk? It wont be worth it. You are going to get smashed up. The weather is terrible here.

Much like starting your own business and working towards complete financial independence. The risk may outweigh the reward to many. You will never make money, sure loads of people have tried, do you know there is a recession on? If you get it wrong on a bike or in business, if you become complacent or switch off, you will be punished. Sometimes that is a client leaving or posting about a service they used on a forum in a bad light, sometimes that is a wobble coming out of a turn that turns into skittling a bike down the road at 60mph and breaking bones on opposite sides of your body. Either way every mistake comes with a punishment, some are too small to attach an importance to, some leave a mark that lasts a long time. However done correctly and with the right mindset either choice is going to get you wherever you want to go a lot faster and be a much more involving experience. For me it is a risk and reward gamble, and whilst I will never suggest that I am comfortable failing I go into everything knowing that there is a risk and I am comfortable taking that risk, as the reward when it comes good will set me apart from the pack.