We have recently undertaken a coach for our business, this is something we had looked at in the past but to be honest we could not even dream of doing because we just could not afford it. To be fair we still can’t and I am looking at balancing the cost of the coaching versus what they can add to our business. In the short term there may be a shortfall, which whilst not ideal, is tolerable as everything we do is a long term approach. My selection process for the coach was a very simple one:

  • Have they achieved what we aspire to do and more?
  • Do they have a decent and ethical approach to business?
  • Can they show me a solution to a problem I have that I had not thought of?

The people we have chosen can do all that. However much like all coaching and valuable activities there are a number of occasions where we will feel uncomfortable, where we will question the value in it all and last but not least be very tempted to go back to doing it the “old way”.

  • What other area’s of your life do you recieve coaching in?
  • Would Crossfit and its coaching make you more receptive to coaching in other areas of your life?