Last week we talked about being a good sport when you lose. It’s important to be a good sport when you win as well. Some of the ways you can be a good winner include:

  • Remember that your opponent/fellow student might be really sad after they lose and this is normal. Don’t gloat or tease them for losing.
  • If you’re finished first in a workout make sure you cheer on everyone else who is still going. Somedays you’re going to finish first, others you may be last to finish. Encourage them so they can get better. Plus, they might be on your team the next time so you want them to be at their best, right!?
  • Make sure you thank everyone who helped you win!
For parents, here’s a great link on teaching children sportsmanship!
Power Clean
“I dunno/lasers!”
5 Rounds
5 Forward Rolls
10 Power Cleans
15 Jumping Squats