Asking for help is so tough for most adults that we’re usually so reluctant to do it. Asking for help makes life so much easier it’s important that kids understand how, why and when they should ask for help.

When? We should ask for help when we’re struggling to complete something, or haven’t been shown how to do something yet. Or if we forget how to do something and we want to do it right.

Why? Asking for help is important if you want to get on with others, as it will also make it easier for people to ask you for help. It’s important to know that asking for help doesn’t make you dumb, or bad in any way. In fact, asking help shows that you’re smart enough to know you need help at times.

How? The simplest way to ask for help is simply saying “Can you help me, please?” You can then explain where you’re stuck and get unstuck!

Push Press
“Heels down!”

Partner Style Workout
Perfect Push Presses
Wall Balls

Teamwork Game
2 Per Team
Stand 1 Cone apart, pass ball
Do 3 Burpees
Stand 2 Cones apart, pass ball
Do 3 Burpees
Stand 3 Cones apart, pass ball
Do 3 Burpees

Continue until Kids are 5 cones apart. If the kids miss. They go back to Cone 1!!!