Ask The Coach

“Ask The Coach” is when we answer questions from our members. You can post your question on our Facebook page every second Friday. If you’ve a burning question feel free to email your primary coach or speak to us at your next class.

09/07/2013: Shane Healy asks “So I see lots of crossfitters bringing their own equipment, wrist straps, lifting belts, grips, tape, compression socks… At what point do these things become necessary?”

28/05/2013: Brian Quann asks “Struggling with my diet any suggestions for a fussy eater”

09/05/2013: John Cullen asked “How do get training for being a coach?”

Here, Tom gives an overview all the requirements we have and would like to see for a coach in our facility.

07/05/2013: Lloyd asks “Does one need time off from training during the year? Understanding that every body is different, is there any general theory with respect to training breaks? Within the Crossfit Ireland programming cycle, would there be any point in particular good for working a break in?”

26/04/2013: James Hanley asks “What’s your favorite lower body warm up/mobility movement?”

Here, James takes us through our favourites.

25/04/2013: Lloyd asks “You peel yourself off a pillow (if you’re lucky). Had at least a couple of glasses of wine and it’s definitely going to be a five alarm hangover. You’re booked into a class at the Institute of Awesomeness in less than an hour? Train, don’t train? Are you actually wasting your time if you do?”

Neil Barrett asked “What programming method do you use on your clients…. How do you break macro into meso & micro cycles & do you recommend an annual rest period??”

To answer, we’ve given you an overview of how we go about programming throughout the year to ensure our clients make consistent progress, reduce overuse and get the most from their time here at CFI.

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