28 Day Meal Plan

In our previous mail we discussed portion sizes for protein, vegetables, fats and dense carbohydrates.
Everything in there is summarised in this handy infographic:


[Click the thumbnail above for a larger image]


“Well that’s all fine”, you might say, “But what the hell do I actually EAT?”

Excellent question – enter the CrossFit Sandyford 28-day meal planner!

This is a 28-day meal guide – it contains recipes and shopping lists for 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches and 28 dinners.

You can use this in 2 ways:

1) Dip in here and there for individual meal ideas OR

2) If you’ve got some nutrition mileage already and you’re super comfortable with this stuff, follow it exactly for 28 days.

We’ve got a couple of different versions for you to use depending on how many calories you require – just open one of them up and read the instructions in the first few pages to see which one you should be following!


28 Day Meal Plan 1600 Calories 
28 Day Meal Plan 2000 Calories 
24 Day Meal Plan 2400 Calories 
26 Day Meal Plan 2600 Calories 

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